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Boiler Technicians are dedicated and passionate professionals. We guarantee quick response to your boiler service request, keeping your needs satisfied with safe gas and water.

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Boiler breakdown can be both stressful and costly which is why we offer a quality, affordable boiler repairs service in the event that your boiler breaks down.
Boiler repairs and replacement

We support boiler repairs in area of London with our team of service professionals and our spares inventory.
Steam boilers need to be regularly serviced to ensure that they are running properly and safely. Our certified team always guarantee your boiler is repaired correctly and replaced properly where needed.

We pride ourselves on the reliability and standard of our work and have developed an excellent reputation. The majority of our work is through recommendation which reflects the importance to customer satisfaction applied to each and every job.

Emergency repairs

We know how important your boiler is to your home or business. That is why we work continually on our systems and procedures to ensure that you receive the best service, parts and advice possible. Unexpected failures can literally “turn the key into work”. By choosing a regular boiler maintenance and quarterly security checks, we can ensure that any possible problems or defective parts will be identified and replaced before everything goes out of control.

We have a full range of control devices, along with equipment for flange refinement and linear equipment. We can work on your heat and gas boilers, solid and electric fuels and have experience in boiler refurbishment, lance servicing, tuning and fuel systems.

Because we specialize in boilers and have been working in this industry for so long, we know how to best use the boiler and how to implement the procedures on your website to save time and money.

Commercial & domestic

Boiler Technicians can perform boiler repair on a scheduled or emergency basis, including public holidays. We have served the boiler industry for a century, working with all aspects of boiler design, manufacturing, inspection and service. Combining this comprehensive experience with technology from today’s boiler programme, we can repair and upgrade all types and brands of boiler and water heat.

Scope of service

Inspection – performed before any major repair to assess wear and identify the causes of poor performance

Repair – recommended after inspection or based on your specifications, typically including: replacement of plate, pipes, other boiler parts, casing, refractory and insulation

Full replacement – comprehensive service including complete boiler retubing

Boiler servicing

Large industrial steam boilers and certain hot water boilers require annual maintenance surveys. Boiler Technicians is highly experienced in this field, and work closely with third party inspection bodies to ensure our clients’ boilers are in sound condition and operating safely and efficiently.

We also provide scheduled maintenance programs for commercial properties and are available and recommended for all your plumbing needs.