Do you live or rent a flat in the UK? You can expect a broken water boiler. Statistics say that you can wait up to a working week to repair a broken boiler. Boiler Technicians will arrive on the same day !

We show you how to deal with the problem! Here are some tips.

A dripping boiler

The easiest way to run boiler is to patch the hole with good industrial adhesive. However, it will get rid of the leaking problem for a short time, but enough for the so-called festive failures. In the long run, pits will be created anyway, but gluing holes is the fastest method “for now” and anyone can do it.

Heater problem

The principle of boiler operation says that under the influence of the energy reaching the heater heats up to a predetermined temperature, thereby heating boiler chamber. In a situation where the heater will be too covered with a stone, boiler may show signs of deterioration. In this situation, it is best to replace the heater, if possible, or consult a specialist.


Each boiler is made of metal or its alloy. The metal undergoes corrosion under the influence of water. In order to immunize the surfaces of a heat-generator from corrosion, the so-called magnesium anodes, which are mainly used in boilers with enamelled tanks. The principle of the magnesium anode is based on the fact that it will first corrode before the rust “selects” boiler itself. It is recommended that you inspect boiler to check whether the magnesium anode has been partially or completely worn down.


In each boiler, the influence of temperature changes in water causes pressure surges, and a safety valve must be an essential element of every heat generator. Its task is to open and release hot or hot water, when the pressure in boiler tank exceeds the permissible level. Failure of the safety valve in the heating system at the hot water heater can lead to serious damage to boiler and even bursting it.